Latitude – Let’s Brand Campaign
Branding, Communication Design, Design Systems, Campaign

Latitude Let’s Campaign created an opportunity for Latitude Financial Services to reposition itself as the go-to money lender and Partners in Money.

Los Pérez created a dreamy world to fall into, centred around what it would be like scrolling your social feed while floating into a world of opportunities. This brand film, set in 1:1 aspect ratio, would be central to the overall campaign.

The role of Lead Designer was to take the visually rich thinking and world of the 1:1 aspect ratio brand film and realise the overall creative world across all channels.

The challenge was to create a system that would allow the visual identity of the brand film to be utilised across a multitude of channels such as Static outdoor, Film outdoor, Activations, Digital marketing utilising HTML 5 and motion design through to film elements and brand Website art direction. Overall, the outcome was to design a system that allowed the visual elements to be flexed across an infinite amount of executions without losing the richness and vibrancy of the core brand world.

Lead Designer: Keir Vaughan

Visual Designer: Adam Lord
Creative Directors: Sam Dickson & Cam Bell
Art Director: Katarina Matic
Copywriter: Daniel Antonius

Let’s Campaign Film
Director: Los Pérez
Creative Directors: Sam Dickson & Cam Bell
Melbourne, Australia