Branding, Art Direction
As technology establishes new horizons, what is possible is continually growing into that shifting horizon. LABS was developed as an internal group of essentially disparate knowledge sets and the intersection of where sets these collide. The challenge was to create a unique visual language for a large, multinational and established organisation to allow space for innovation.   


A palette of high-vis orange, reflective greys and metallic finishes combine a beauty of intrigue and awe with nostalgia of space and discovery.

Pyrite–Precision in nature

Pyrite contains both iron and sulfur molecules that join themselves into rigid bonds to create a system of cubic crystals, resulting in a naturally formed near-perfect isometric cube.

These seemingly mechanical sculptures form alongside the raw Pyrite mineral, creating a symbolic and contrasting visual mascot for LABS.


The overall design and aesthetic revolved around  where technology is  focussed while looking back on pioneers of the future past. Where has all the dreams gone of what was once possible by just gazing at the moon or buying that first geology kit . The dream of space travel and exploring new frontiers seems smaller; closer.

This design allows to look forward into that unknown future while allowing the design to anchor into the past.  To allow for nostalgia for the future.

Creative Director: Amy Weston
Executive Creative Director: Glen Dickson
Melbourne, Australia